night ramblings

today wasn’t that much of an eventful day. We had my mum over for dinner, we had lasagne, it was a satisfactory dinner. not the best dinner i’ve had, but it was eatable.   In regards to my course, that is coming along nicely, I almost have everything organized to start it on the 12th. … More night ramblings

some worries

some worries so, I have been a bit worried over some things these last few days. Yesterday I had hit my head on the corner of my computer. It really hurt a lot. I thought, What if I have a seizure? I haven’t had one yet, though. (touch wood that I don’t) I had seizures … More some worries

stayed home :)

just before, I stayed home while everyone else was out. I wanted to stay here while my dad went to my sisters place. I was so anxious, even though I meditated before he left. . It really wasn’t good. I had nausia and it wasn’t goo. But i’m so happy that I at least did … More stayed home 🙂

shared housing

so my friend lives in shared housing for people with disabilities and said it would be cool if i lived there. I would really like too, but I am a bit nervous about it, though. It is a huge step for me to take, and seems rather overwhelming, and I am just really not sure … More shared housing


so I have been thinking about this going to hungry jacks thing. i’m not so sure about it really. I know I could do it but stupid fear is making it difficult. Maybe if I meditate before I leave it will make a difference. It usually works for things like that.   You know , … More thoughts

not much happening

Today, not much is happening. I hope the person organizing my volunteer gets back to me soon.   in regards to my course , I haven’t started it yet, I have to provide them with a certificate to show that i have completed my high school education. And also I have to provide them with … More not much happening