some thoughts and other stuff.

so, i’m sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d have liked,

I had caught this 24 hour virus thing, it really sucked. But I am doing better now, a lot better than I was.


You know, I wish some of my family would understand me more, but,  they are too ignorant to do so.

I wish my dad would be more understanding, especially as he has issues he faces everyday, I wish he would tell me how proud he is of  me if I stay here by myself. I don’t expect to get praised every time, , but everyone likes to know there doing well sometimes, right?

that reinforcement would mean a lot to me.

But instead, he says, “O, your getting worse,” just because I didn’t really want to stay here the other day, because I was ill. I was worried about some things, and I didn’t think I could do that at the  tie.

It made me feel like crap a bit, and I again tried o explain about monophobia and how it effects  me, how I can’t go out on my own because of it, and how I still struggle somewhat to stay here. but I am trying. I felt very proud of myself when I stayed here for that hour and a bit last week. . One step at a time, and I’m sure i will be able to do all the things that I think I can’t do


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