thoughts and what happened today

, today, I went with my sister for a walk to the shopping centre, I walked by myself on the way back, she was a bit in front of me though. I even crossed some roads, I was pritty  proud of that, crossing the road can be scary for someone with no vision. but I did it, never the less. Sometimes I surprise  myself with what I can do.

Tomorrow, my dad and sister both have appointments, I have to stay here, I am a bit nervous about that. I hope my dad gets back before my sister goes to her appointment, but if I have to stay here, it will be good for me, I guess.

I think sometimes, more often than not, I really over think things, and think they are worse than they really are.

So, if i have to stay here, I am going to go into that with possitive thinking, nothing will happen, I will be ok, and I am safe ow. Nothing has happened before, and it wouldn’t now. Things like that.

It is easier said than done though, but I’m going to try that, see if it wors.

Also meditation is very good, it helps me a lot. I do hat twice a day, sometimes 3 times a day, if I get the time to do it 3 times.

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