some concerns

so, today started off  as a good day, I wnet to the pet store with my dad and we looked at some  pets, we first went to reptile city. I was interested in a bearded dragon which I might get. We then went to a bird and foddlae where they sold a lot of different types of birds.

So I am trying to decide whether I want a bird or a dragon…mmmm, decisions, decisions.


So back to why I originally posted…

It seems that I rely on if there is background noise or not to tell if they   are home or not, and I guess I am just used to the noise, anyway..

Before I wrote this, I had been asleep for a few hours and had woken up to there being no sound at all, I immediatly thought, where have they gone? Why isn’t the TV on?


I tried then to tell myself, that if they had gone anywhere, then they would’ve first told me, as they always do. also they wouldn’t have gone anywhere at this time of night, because  ahana my niece is sleeping and someone would be there with her if one or two of them happened to be out.

I thought about going to check if they were still here, as I have been lately when this has happened, it only seems to happen at night, its weird.

But I then thought, I don’t want to be doing that, because I need to be able to trust within myself that they are here, and that if there not, thats ok too.


It just so happens, that they were here, and the only reason I couldn’t hear the TV was because someone had shut my door while I was sleeping.

I think worrying if they are there or not like that, is because my parents used to tell me that they would leave while I was sleeping..

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