a good day today

today was a good day, in regards to my anxiety. I am very proud of myself.

My dad and I went to the chip shop to get some food. He went in to get it and I stayed in the car by myself. This is something I would normally find quite difficult and have a lot of anxiety about.

I didn’t really think about anything when he left until  about 10 minutes in, then I started  to worry about the normal things.

I then tried to distract myself by turning on the radio, and as I was on the phone, that was also a distraction from my thoughts.

Distraction is really a powerful tool.

It also helped that I knew there would be people around to help me if something were to happen to me.

I feel like I am slowly getting better. My anxiety will be really tested on wednesday, but I am going to stay possitive about that, because i know I can get through it, as I have learned techneques to do so.


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