bit of anxiety, and a trip to adelaide zoo wednesday

so today was quite an eventful day. I went to the shopping centre to get a phone charging case for my phone, so it wouldn’t go flat when I go out on wednesday to the adelaide zoo with my local blindness organisation. I am quite nervous about that. I haven’t been out in about 4 years by myself like this. and I   don’t like cabs, probably because I don’t like to be by myself in them. I am fine when someone else is in there with me, like another passenger, but theres something about it I don’t like about it when i’m on my own.

I am wondering if I can request a female driver from the cab company? i’m not sure if I can or not, but i’ll see how i go i guess.


I also had another bit of anxiety today, my dad left to get something in the gas station and he left me in the car. My heart started racing, I started getting hot, started having a panic attack…it was horrible…i didn’t like it one bit. but I did my deep breathing techneques, and i managed to calm down a bit. I think I worry about how fast my hear rate is when i have anxiety. I often check it and count the beats. I know thats probably not good to do because it will only increase my anxiety.

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